Our Goals
1. To make the most beautiful, finest contemporary rugs in the world.
2. To give the best, most reliable customer service - always.
3. To offer excellent value.

Our Design Philosophy
Modern Nature Design brings a totally fresh and exciting design vision to the world of fine area rugs. Using the beauty of nature as inspiration, our extraordinarily unique styles are both modern, to fit in with today’s contemporary lifestyle, and classic, to endure beyond design trends. These timeless works of art add exquisite style and class to environments.

Design: Oceania

Our Social Responsibility
Modern Nature Design is completely committed to social responsibility.
All of our production facilities are 100% child labor free.

Our Environmental Responsibility
All Modern Nature Design rugs are made with 100% natural bio-degradable materials. The cotton, wool, silk and viscose fibers are natural. We never mix in synthetic material.

Additionally, no machines are used to make our rugs. Consequently, our rugs are in compliance with the most stringent eco-friendly requirements.

Our Copyright Policy
All Modern Nature Design designs and patterns, including all of the ones shown in this web site, are protected by United States and international copyright law. Every design is registered.

It is illegal to duplicate, transcribe, imitate, or simulate, in part or in full, any of Modern Nature Design’s designs without the express written permission of the Company. Copyright and Trademark infringements are federal crimes. Modern Nature Design will vigorously enforce any copyright infringement to the maximum extent of the law.

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All Modern Nature designs are registred and protected by United States and international copyrights. Copyright it is strictly enforced. Thynks Digital Marketing
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