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Our Goals • To create the most beautiful, finest quality contemporary Area rugs in the world.
• To give the best, most reliable customer service - always.
• To offer unparalleled value.
Our Design Philosophy Our innovative designs are both modern, to fit in with today’s contemporary decor, and classic, to endure beyond design trends. The timeless works of floor art add exquisite style and class to interior spaces. 
Our Social Responsibility Modern Nature Design is totally committed to social responsibility.
All of our production facilities are 100% child labor free. 
Our Environmental Responsibility All Modern Nature Design rugs are made with 100% natural materials. No machines are used to make our rugs. Consequently, our rugs are in compliance with the most stringent eco-friendly standards. 
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In today’s world, very few and precious things are still made by hand. Each Modern Nature Design area rug is hand made by highly skilled weavers, resulting in a true one-of-a-kind work of art. All Modern Nature Design rugs feature outstanding quality and durability. Only the finest materials are used. 
Specifications for
hand knotted rugs:
arrow Wool: Highland virgin long fiber hand carded/hand spun Tibetan wool
arrow Silk: 100% grade A pure natural silk
arrow Viscose: High quality viscose
arrow Ultra Durable Tencel ®
arrow Skein Dyed using Swiss Chrome dyes
arrow Created completely by hand in Nepal
arrow 60, 80, 100 or 150 knots per square inch
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Specifications for
hand tufted rugs:
arrow Wool: High quality virgin New Zealand wool
arrow Viscose: High quality viscose
arrow Ultra Durable Tencel ®
arrow Skein Dyed using Swiss Chrome dyes
arrow Created by hand in India
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Other types of rugs:
arrow Hand Loomed Rugs
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arrow Indoor-Outdoor Rugs
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arrow Flat Weave & Sisal Rugs
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arrow Custom Design Rugs
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We specialize in customization and offer custom sizes, shapes and colors at no additional charge. Custom color matching can be done with our system of 1,200 colored wool poms that you can see by clicking on view color charts below or we can match color samples that you provide. Many of our designs are adaptable for round rugs and runners. We also create custom rug designs. 
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Modern Nature Design specializes in producing custom area rugs for commercial projects such as hotels, condos, corporate lobbies, clubhouses, etc. We provide outstanding service and product to commercial designers. 

Many of our innovative designs have been developed with hospitality applications in mind. Our soothing motifs inspire relaxation and enjoyment. 

Services to commercial designers include:

    Any of our rug designs can be customized in any size, color or shape at no additional charge.
    We can create custom rug designs.
    Our on-line color customizer allows you to interactively view, save and print any of our designs in custom color-ways. 
    We can quickly e-mail images of our designs in custom sizes and shapes.
    1,200 wool poms are available to specify color. Our 5 color charts can be viewed by clicking on view color charts below. 
    As an option, strike-offs can be produced for color approval at no cost (for commercial projects).
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Custom color rugs yourself and save your creations
We can e-mail you custom renderings in the exact design, texture, size and shape that you specify
1200 colors are available to ensure that you get the perfect color rug
View Color Charts
Our nationwide representatives can show you samples, colors etc. and help you with your selections
We can match any Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore or Pantone color and send you our matching yarns
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We can make round rugs, oval rugs, custom shape rugs and runners
We can create custom rug designs
Call us at 561-278-3332 or register with us to find out how our custom design services can help you get the perfect rug for your interior space.
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Custom Color Rugs & Save Your Creations
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